Evening Tarot

This is a 10 week course aimed at those who wish to take their Tarot studies to a professional level.

The course is made up of several modules geared towards the participant developing their skills to a level of excellence.

Each module is designed to encourage confidence and ability.

The participants will be selected from those at an advanced level and who have a proven track record of commitment, skill and desire to go further. An interview will be required.

Numbers will be limited to ensure achievement.

Topics included in the modules will be:

Preparing for a consultation

  • This module looks at tuning in, self-protection, holding the energy, raising the vibration and using other disciplines such as aura reading and psychometry to enhance and deepen the sitting.

How to perform a first class consultation

  • This module explores the use of language and appropriate terminology
  • Reader’s conduct and accountability
  • How to tell the client’s story with the symbolism in the cards.
  • How to address difficult issues

Dynamics in a consultation

  • How to deflect projection
  • Dealing with emotional clients (anger, sadness, mental health etc), the art of non-judgementalism
  • Sructuring a session, how does it work?
  • Spirit contact and appropriate messages, when and how?

Social media and marketing

  • Top tips for creating a workable marketing platform.
  • Writing a blog/newsletter
  • Engaging with an audience

Setting up a business

  • Guidelines for getting started
  • Identifying personal skills to go forward in business.
  • Realistic goals
  • Setting your sights on appropriate places to work

These modules are spread out over 10 weeks and participants will be expected to take part in research and homework. The course offers a certificate of attendance. Neither the College or Avril offer a work placement as a result of doing this course.

An interview will be required before attending this course.
£240 (Full price)
20 Jan - 24 Mar, Saturdays, 2:00pm, 10 weeks

In this course you will learn the traditional meanings and concepts behind each of the cards and look at colours, numbers, images and symbols.

We will explore how they relate to you and others and start to relate your own life experiences to the individual meaning of the cards.

Discussion is actively encouraged.

There will be opportunities to develop your intuitive skills and you will begin to understand how tarot can be used effectively to gain greater insight into practical situations in life.

You will start to look at simple tarot spreads.

Students will need their own deck of Rider Waite cards. These can be purchased from the College reception.

£210 (Full price)
15 Jan - 19 Mar, Mondays, 7:00pm, 10 weeks

This course is for those who have completed the foundation course and wish to explore tarot further.

You will look at different spreads and layouts, how they work and what they do. We will develop our intuitive skills further and increase our awareness of tarot using various psychic techniques. We will also look at tarot and colour.

Emphasis is placed on deepening your relationship with your cards.

Students can bring a deck of their own choice.

£220 (Full price)
17 Jan - 21 Mar, Wednesdays, 7:00pm, 10 weeks

In this advanced course Avril will share her experiences as a tarot consultant and medium with her students to raise their awareness to a whole new level.

You will have the opportunity to develop both professionally as a reader and personally when reviewing your life experiences.

Take an in-depth look at working with clients whilst also working on yourself. Our journey into the deeper meaning of tarot cards will continue. There will be guided meditations and discussion.

Participants are encouraged to ‘play’ with decks of their own choice.

Students need to have completed Avril’s foundation and intermediate course before embarking on this intensive advanced course.

£230 (Full price)
12 Jan - 16 Mar, Fridays, 7:00pm, 10 weeks

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