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What's on: 20 Sep

Woundology: Tarot as a Healing Modality IN PERSON EVENT

Woundology: Tarot as a Healing Modality IN PERSON EVENT

Avril Price
Sunday 20 September 2020
10:00am - 5:00pm

Tarot is so much more than fortune telling cards, it is an embodiment of spirit and as such can take us deep within our psyches to reveal our true selves and aspects of our pathways through life which require insight and healing.

This experiential workshop is designed to take you on a journey into your internal landscape and explore the deeper meaning of Tarot cards and how you can work with them to facilitate healing for yourself and others. The day includes a guided visualisation, spreads, exercises and discussion. You can expect to take a deep dive into your Tarot and further your relationship with the cards.

During this workshop we will:

  • Look at how the cards can be worked as healing sign posts.
  • Delve into their symbolism as messengers of healing and how to harness their essence.
  • Learn how to track the wound cycles of an individual and how they play out.
  • Understand how to break free from toxic thinking and emotions.
  • See the guidance Tarot can offer around rejection and abandonment.
  • Learn how to offer meaningful and uplifting advice and inspiration

By taking part in this workshop you will have the opportunity to learn about the human dynamics at work in a consultation and build these insights into your own practice.

Please be aware that this is an in person workshop taking place physically at the College.

Avril Price

A major milestone in my life was obtaining my first tarot deck. It was given to me by a special friend over 30 years ago. This gift marked the begining of an amazing journey with tarot. I consider myself to be most fortunate to be able to pass on the deep wisdom that is tarot and to inspire others from my extensive experience working with this wonderful 'system' as a navigator into self discovery and higher consciousness.


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