Amanda Roberts

Amanda Roberts

My connection with angels, guides and spirit goes back to childhood where they helped me go through many challenging situations. I recall angels coming to me and appearing as light beings who supported me, comforted me and surrounded me with love, especially through the night, and a couple of times they took me to the light.

I had two ancestral Maori guides, a great, great grandmother, and a great, great grandfather who would come to me during the day occasionally and offer me practical, support, guidance and take me to a beautiful place by a river where I would feel peace, love and retrospectively I realise, receive healing. I was born and raised in New Zealand.

I feel a deep love and connection with the work that I do. I knew from a young age that I was called to a spiritual path but I was also aware that I was not ready to walk it until I had dealt with issues in my life. When the time was right I found my way to the College of Psychic Studies where I trained as a medium and healer.

I have a very strong connection with angels, archangels, ascended masters, fairies and nature spirits. I am very fortunate to be able to devise and share the Working with Your Guides and Angels course with the College in which I can share my passion with my students.
My teaching style is grounded and centred with a touch of humour. I aim to create a safe, warm inviting environment in which to learn with a good mixture of theory and practical work. Students are encouraged to find their own way of working and connecting, with my help and support.

I offer angel readings in which I use angel cards which can come from a mixture of your guardian angels and other angels including the archangels. Angelic messages come from a higher realm and from a place of unconditional love, compassion and wisdom. These messages are practical, relevant and will assist you to move forward within your life. Mediumship readings can bring great comfort, love and hope as well as answer a lot of questions for those who have loved ones in spirit. I did platform mediumship for a number of years at spiritualist churches in South London. Those on the other side also often guide and provide much needed advice to those of us on the earth plane.

As well as being trained as a healer at the College I am trained in a number of healing methods including Spiritual Response Therapy and Spiritual Restructuring.

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) clears programs, blocks, negativity and limiting beliefs that keep you from moving forward, enjoying life and expressing yourself fully. It clears your soul records allowing you to move forward. Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) is a powerful and cutting edge energy healing system/process which accesses Universal Healing Energy to release physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain, trauma and energy. It identifies and releases energies within the skeletal and muscular systems as well as organs and glands to bring about balance and healing.

I assist those who believe they might be under psychic attack, spirit attachments and thought forms as well as removing contracts and cords.

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