James Philip

James Philip

James Philip, from Scotland, is a spiritual channel, contemporary shaman, healer & alchemist with 15 years experience of transformational healing, shamanism, psychic development and mediumship. He has supported the profound growth of thousands of people. James is a frequent visiting faculty at the Omega institute New York, the Meta Centre, New York and at the Findhorn centre, Scotland


Psychic and Mediumship
Consultation - 1 hour

James Philip is a spiritual channel and contemporary shaman, offering impactful readings and/or healing tailored to meet your individual needs. Your consultation may focus on any aspects, topics or questions of life, to help bring insights, understanding and to alleviate your presenting challenges, whether, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. James can offer a range of spiritual energetics including energy release, extraction, entity release, soul retrieval, ancestral, soul level and past life healing.


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