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Christopher Strong

Christopher Strong

In my workshops Dowsing - parts one to six, Dowsing at Kew Gardens and the Advanced Dowsing series, I distil a life time’s experience to show and encourage those attending to know how to do what I do.

I was shown how to divine for water by my five year old son some 35 years ago. On returning home from an overseas trip I was presented by a pair of homemade angle rods and told to follow him through the house. Unbeknown to me my wife had invited a water diviner to find the cause of our eldest son's M.E. symptoms namely a black water vein. When I got strong definite signals my son said “Good Daddy”. Within hours I had found my first spring water. The story of where our dowsing in Ireland took us is detailed in my wife Veronika's book ‘Stepping Stones into the Unknown’ a copy of which we give to those attending dowsing One - An introduction to dowsing.

Our encounters with ghosts and their subsequent clearing started in Ireland which lead on to clearing our valley of the pain of past conflicts which had demonstrably inhibited the growth of our field of newly planted Daffodil bulbs.

This ability led us on a path of discovery which not only simplified our lives but also helped others.

I am constantly asked to check the energies of houses for sale, why homes do not sell, clearing negative energies, even finding causes of runs of bad luck, curses new and old, finding that which is lost whether it is an object such as jewellery, pets cats and dogs even people and ancestors. This can have mixed results as some do not wish to be found and that information is denied. Other requests include finding that perfect partner, causes of ill health, feng shui, vehicles, horses, holidays and of course location of water. Indeed almost anything where there is a need to know.

As to personal consultations I only give answers to questions by email, text or phone.

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